Stamps inscribed '[Poczta] Polska'

1860 (one stamp under Russian rule)
1918 ->

From 1918: 1 Marka = 100 Fenigow
From 1924: 1 Zloty = 100 Groszy (= 1,800,000 Marek)
From 1950: 1 Zloty (PLZ) = 100 Groszy (=100 old Zloty)
From 1995: 1 New Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy (= 10,000 PLZ)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC

1978 Postal Stagecoaches Tour

This item is also listed under Mythic Cats

PL19781102 PMK 72320 Commemorative postmark - Heraldic Griffin
Griffin Rampant
Trzebiatów CoA
"Poczta Dyliżansowa" ["Postal Stagecoaches"]
Trzebiatów n/Rega 1
2 November 1978

2016 450th Anniversary of the Birth of Jan Jesenius

Joint issue with Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia

PL20160622 LB 1 Undenominated label - Heraldic Lion
Crowned Lion Rampant
Wild Cat Art
Title page of Anatomiæ Pragæ anno 1600 by Jan Jesenius
Stamp-sized undenominated label
MI 4845Zf
  CZ_HU_PL_SK20160622 PP 11_70
Presentation pack EUR
Heraldic Lion (on four labels)
Crowned Lion Rampant
Wild Cat Art
Presentation pack with stamps from all 4 countries.
Issued by Slovakian Post

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