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Hong Kong HK19980104 ST 1_30 2
Issue No. of stamps in issue Catstamps in issue
1998 Year of the Tiger 6 (4 designs) 6
Item type Issue date Face value
Stamp 4 Jan 1998 1.30
Sheet size Colours Perforation Design/motive
Booklet panes of 6 x 3.10 (HK19980104 ST 3_10 2)
(top row) and 6 x 1.30 (bottom row).
Multicolored 14.5 Tiger embroidery
Designed by KAN Tai-keung
Catalogue numbers
Item size Scott SG Michel YT
27.94 x 44.45 mm 915a 834C
Print run Paper Printing
Unwatermarked Litho by Ashton-Potter (Canada) Ltd.
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Wild Cats
Year of the Tiger (Lunar Zodiac)
Stylized and Cartoon Tigers
The sheet/MS stamp (HK19980104 ST 1_30 1) is distinguishable from the booklet stamp by being perforated 13.5.

A stamp of nearly identical design to the $1.30 value was also issued in a Lunar Zodiac set issued Feb 21 1999. It is distinguishable from this stamp by not having the year 1998 in the design.

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