Stamps inscribed '[Correo] Montevideo', 'Republica Oriental', 'Rep. o del Uruguay', 'Republica [Oriental] del Uruguay' or 'Uruguay' (first two issues without country name)

1856 ->

From 1856: 1 Peso (UYP) = 100 Centésimos
From 1973: 1 (New) Peso (UYN) = 100 Centésimos (=1000 UYP)
From 1993: 1 Peso (Uruguayo) (UYU) = 100 Centésimos (=1000 UYN)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1964 Unesco - Protection of Egyptian Monuments UY19641030 ST 1_30 Stamp 1.30 Sphinx
Wild Cat Art
MI 982A
UY19641030 IMP 1_30 Imperforate stamp 1.30 Sphinx
Stamp from MS
MI 982B
UY19641030 MS 3_50 Miniature Sheet 3.50 Sphinx (on one stamp)
Imperforate MS with all three stamps in set

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