Stamps inscribed '[Correo] Montevideo', 'Republica Oriental', 'Rep. o del Uruguay', 'Republica [Oriental] del Uruguay' or 'Uruguay' (first two issues without country name)

1856 ->

From 1856: 1 Peso (UYP) = 100 Centésimos
From 1973: 1 (New) Peso (UYN) = 100 Centésimos (=1000 UYP)
From 1993: 1 Peso (Uruguayo) (UYU) = 100 Centésimos (=1000 UYN)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1990 Provincial Coats of Arms UY19900907 ST 90 Stamp 90 Heraldic Lion
Old Canelones Province CoA
MI 1872
1997 Festivals III UY19970321 ST 5_00 Stamp 5 Heraldic Lion
Old Canelones Province CoA
Lions Club Emblem
also listed under wild cats
Self-adhesive, imperforate stamp
MI 2232
1998 220th Anniversary of the First Spanish Naval Station in America UY19980213 ST 6_00 Stamp 6.00 Heraldic Lions
CoA of the Montevideo Naval Station
MI 2330

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