Stamps inscribed 'USA', 'United States', or 'U.S. Postage'

1847 ->

From 1847: 1 Dollar (USD) = 100 Cents
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Item Code Item type Face value Remarks SC

List compiled by Geir Arveng with additional information by Marci Jarvis and Ron Berger.
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A note on personalised US stamps
Personalised US stamps are marketed and sold by companies authorised by the USPS. We have seen stamps from, PictureItPostage,, and Personal Postage can be re-ordered many times in different denominations.

We list only stamps we have been assured have actually been made or ordered, and prefer scans of used or mint actual stamps. Most often we will, however, only receive screenshots of prototype designs from correspondents for security reasons. Please only submit stamp designs you know have been actually made, to