Stamps inscribed 'Archipel des Comores', 'Etat Comorien', 'République des Comores', 'Rép. des Comores', 'République Fédérale (et) Islamique des Comores' and 'جمهورية القمر الإتحادية الإسلامية', 'République Islamique des Comores', 'Union des Comores'.

1891 - 1914 French Colonial issues for Anjouan, Grande Comore, Mayotte and
1914 - 1950 Stamps of Madagascar used
1950 - 1975 French colonial issues
1975 -> Independent republic (Mayotte remains French)

From 1950: 1 CFA Franc = 100 Centimes
From 1974: 1 Franc (KMF) = 100 Centimes (=1 CFA Franc)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1978 400th Birth Anniversary of Peter Paul Rubens KM19780921 ST 1500 Stamp 1500 Tiger
Leopard (partly)
Wild Cat Art
Detail from Lion and Tiger Hunt, painting by Peter Paul Rubens
Stamp from
KM19780921 MS 1500
MI 468
KM19780921 MS 1500 Miniature sheet 1500 Tiger
Leopard (on stamp and selvedge)
Lion (on selvedge)
Wild Cat Art
Lion and Tiger Hunt, painting by Peter Paul Rubens
Single stamp MS with
KM19780921 ST 1500
MI 468

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