Stamps inscribed 'Danmark' (first 16 issues without country name marked "Kgl. Post")

1851 ->

From 1851: 1 Rigsdaler = 96 Skilling
From 1875: 1 Krone (DKK) = 100 Øre (= 0.5 Rigsdaler)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1985 Definitives DK19850110 ST 0_80 Stamp 0.80 Heraldic Lions
Wavy Lines Definitives
Olive Brown
MI 821
DK19850110 ST 2_50 Stamp 2.50 Heraldic Lions
Wavy Lines Definitives
Yellowish Green
MI 822
1988 400th Anniversary of King Christian IV's Accession DK19880218 ST 3_00 Stamp 3.00 Heraldic Lions
Wild Cat Art
Monogram of King Christian IV from the gate of Rosenborg Castle, Copen-hagen
MI 914
2006 400th Anniversary of Rosenborg Castle DK20060329 ST 13_00 Stamp 13.00 Heraldic Lions
Wild Cat Art
CoA of King Frederic IV
Ceiling decoration of Long Hall. Rosenborg Castle, Copen- hagen
This set also include a Lion
MI 1430

2012 40th Anniversary of Queen Margrethe II's Accession to the Throne

Joint issue with The Faroe Islands and Greenland

This item is also listed under Wild Cats

DK20120104 MS 8_00 Miniature sheet 8.00 Heraldic Lion (on selvedge)
Two Crowned Lions Passant
Lion (on stamp)
Single-stamp MS with
DK20120104 ST 8_00 1
MI B47

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