Stamps inscribed 'Republika Srpska' or 'Bosna i Hercegovina Republika Srpska' in Latin or Cyrillic script.

Since the Dayton Peace Agreement (1995), Bosnia and Herzegovina has three postal operators, PTT Sarajevo (represents BA as UPU member), HPT Mostar and Srpska Posta in Banja Luka. Serb and Croat entities also issued stamps in the period 1992-95.

1878 - 1918 Part of Austro-Hungarian Empire
1918 - 1921 Provinvcial Issues
1921 - 1992 see Yugoslavia
1992 - Independent nation (three postal operators)

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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks
2009 Fauna: Cats BARS20090819 ST 0_70 1 Stamp 0.70 Siamese
BARS20090819 ST 0_70 2 Stamp 0.70 Unspecified breed (domestic shorthair)
BARS20090819 ST 0_70 3 Stamp 0.70 Russian Blue
BARS20090819 ST 0_70 4 Stamp 0.70 Persian
BARS20090819 SH 14_00 Sheetlet 14.00 Sheetlet with 5 of each of the stamps in set + central labels showing a cat se-tenantly in a composite design

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