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4th Quarter 2007:

A Lion in the Citadelle

This PAP (prêt-à-poster or pre-stamped envelope) was probably issued sometime in the second half of 2007, but we have not found the exact date of issue yet. If you have any more information, please let us know.

The Citadelle of Besançon contains a Zoo, and this lion is one of a set of 5 designs promoting the Citadelle (the only cat). A Previous PAP (issued in 2004) promoting the Citadelle has shown a tiger.

Further information on the Citadelle de Besançon can be found at their website.

Reported by Geir Arveng

5 December 2007:

Lions Club Jubilee Postmark

From Bangalore in India comes a commemoratice postmark and an India Post Commemorative Envelope celebrating the Golden Jubilee of International Leo Day (Lions is known as LEO in India). The postmark was in use at Bangalore GPO on 5 December 2007, and the envelope was issued in cooperation with the local chapter of Lions.

Reported by Geir Arveng

10 November 2007:

Louisiana Tiger Postmark

A tiger is the mascot of Louisiana State University of Baton Rouge, and features on a comemmorative postmark in use on 10 November 2007.

As all US comemmorative postmarks it is available for 30 days by sending a self-addressed stamped card or envelope (US stamps) to:

LA/LSU Trademark Licensing
LSU Tigers Homecoming Station
750 Florida Street
BATON ROUGE, LA 70801-9998

Rates: US: 41c, CA/MX: 69c, World: 90c

Reported by Marci Jarvis

6 November 2007:

Dutch Semi-postal Cat

TNT Post of The Netherlands issued a sheetlet of six stamps in the traditional Dutch series of "Children Stamps" (Kinderpostzegels) welfare issues. Children Stamps - for many years marked "Voor het Kind" (For the Child) - has been issued annually in the Netherlands since 1933. The lower middle stamp of the sheet shows a stylized child with a cat.

The sheet is available from the TNT Post Online Shop.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

31 October 2007:

Almaty Zoo Miniature Sheet

The Kazach Post Office issued a Miniature sheet on 31 October 2007 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Almaty Zoo. The stamps themselves do not offer any cats, but the central, undenominated label shows a lion - and there is also a snow leopard on the selvedge.

The First Day Postmark shows a lion.

The single stamps are available from Kazpost's webshop, but we have not been able to find the MS and FDCs listed there.

Reported by T.S. Tan and Geir Arveng

August - October 2007:

Russian Snow Leopards....and a Tiger Too!

This Fall the Russian Post offers us a WWF Snow Leopard stamp and two pre-stamped envelopes.

The stamp is issued along with a stork and a bison in a set of three diamond-oriented square stamps issued on 1 October. The set is sold as single stamps from sheets, as well as in sheetlets of 8 stamps (3 x Snow Leopard).

The First Day Postmark for the set features a Siberian Tiger.

The PSEs were issued in two formats, in C6 (114 x 162 mm) on 27 August and in E6/5 (110 x 220 mm) on 22 October, both denominated 'A'.

The 27 August 2007 C6-envelope is numbered 3.2007-149 and dated 02.07.2007 (printing date).

See the Russian Post's web-catalogue for further details of the stamp set, August and October PSE respectively.

Reported by T.S. Tan and Geir Arveng

25 October 2007:

Pink Panther in Albania

Albania issued a set of four stamps featuring the Pink Panther on 25 October 2007. The set is the 8th installment in their series of cartoon characters which last included Tom (and Jerry) in 2005. The set was issued se-tenantly, and sold in sheetlets of 16 stamps with additional PP artwork on the selvedge..

Sadly the Albanian Post's philatelic website is not up-to-date with this issue.

The set has been assigned Michel nos. 3148-3151.

Reported by Geir Arveng amd Marci Jarvis

25 October 2007:

Kipling's 'Just So Stories' on new Alderney stamps and MS

Alderney brings us another issue featuring Rudyard Kipling's popular 'Just So Stories'.

The cats in the set are 'The Cat That Walked By Himself', on the miniture sheet and a single stamp; 'How the Leopard Got His Spots' is on the selvage of the miniture sheet.

The stamps, MS, FDC and presentation pack will be available at Guernseypost's webshop from the issue date (or shortly thereafter).

Reported by Bridget Robinson and Marci Jarvis

18 October 2007:

Costa Rica issues Childrens' literarture set

On 18 October 2007 Costa Rica issued a set celebrating Carmen Lyra's book 'Cuentas de mi Tia Panchita' ('Stories of my Auntie Panchita'). The set consists of a Miniature Sheet comprising 4 stamps valued CRC 100, and a giant stamp valued CRC 1000.

Carmen Lyra is a pseudonym for Maria Isabela Carvajal (1888-1949), one of Costa Rica's most prominent writers.

The stamps features illustrations by Juan Manuel Sànchez an three of the CRC 100 stamps and the CRC 1000 stamp includes drawings of Jaguars.

The first CRC 100 stamp is dedicated to the story 'Por qué Tio Conejo tiene los orejos tan largas' ('Why Uncle Rabbit have such large ears'). The jaguar is featured in the bottom of a heap of characters.

Stamp number two is dedicated to the stiry 'La Mica' ('The Monkey'), and features an "indigenous style" drawing of a stylized jaguar.

The third CRC 100 stamp has no cat theme, but stamp no. 4 is dedicated to the story 'Tio Conejo y los caites de su abuela' ('Uncle Rabbit and his grandmother's sandals'), and shows a jaguar asleep outside a dog house (?).

The CRC 1000 stamp shows a big jaguar and represents the story 'De como Tio Conejo salió de un apuro' ('How Uncle Rabbit got out of a pinch'). This stamp is issued in single stamp "sheetlet" (94 x 140 mm) - no print on selvedge.

There are reportedly 3 FDCs for this issue. One with the four individual CRC 100 stamps, one with the MS of the same stamps, and finally one with the CRC 1000 "sheetlet".

The set is presented at the Correos de Costa Rica's web site, but there is no online ordering facility.

The Costa Rican Philatelic Service can be contacted at:

Correos de Costa Rica S.A.
Officina de Filatélia
Apt. 12900, Correos Central,
CR-1000 SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica

Tel: +506 233-5182
Fax: +506 223-5182

Reported by Marci Jarvis and Geir Arveng

17 October 2007:

Austrian Leo (updated)

From Austria comes another set of prestige booklets with 'semi-personalised' stamps, i.e. stamps in the personalised stamps frame, but designed and issued by the post office in limited printruns - (and most often sold well above face value.....).

The theme of the issue is the Western Zodiac, with one booklet for each sign.

In 24 pages you will get to know everything about Leos, and the booklet contains 3 x 55c stamps of different designs.

It sells for EUR 4.99 at's online store.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

9 October 2007:

New Sri Lanka Definitives

Sri Lanka issued new definitives last year (9 October 2007), of which the 4 Rupee value shows a Leo.

The whole series is shown at the Sri Lanka Post Office's homepage alongside other 2007 issues from Sri Lanka.

If anyone's got a better scan of this stamp, it would be most welcome in our mailbox.

Reported by Geir Arveng

5 October 2007:

Brazilian Zoo Issue

On 5 October the Brazilian Post Office issued a set of 6 stamps (all valued at BRL 0.60) dedicated to Brazilian Zoos.

Two of the stamps show felines; a tiger and a lion. The other stamps show giraffes, an elephant, chimpanzees and a parrot.

Technical notes for this issue seems to indicate that there are also some pre-franked postcards with the same motifs as the stamps, but we have seen no further details of these.

For further information see the Brazilian Post's webshop.

Reported by T.S. Tan

1 October 2007:

Peruvian Pedigree Cats

With a set issued 1 October 2007, Peru joins the countries in which sets presenting different cat breeds have been issued. The set of four stamps shows a Turkish Angora, a Persian, a Bengal, and a Siamese. The stamps are all denominate PEN 6.00 and is printed se-tenantly in gummed sheets, with a print run of 50 000 sets.

In addition to the cats on the stamps, there is also a stylized cat on the sheet's selvedge.

Peruvian stamp issues are presented at Serpost's Internet site. You will find all stamp issues by choosing 'Filatélia' and then 'Calendario de Emisiones'. Unfortunately there is yet no information of this set at the time of writing.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

11 September 2007:

Snow Leopard from Kraków Zoo

In a new set celebrating Polish Zoos the PLN 3.55 top value shows a Snow Leopard from Kraków Zoo. The set consists of a total of 4 values, and the other animals shown are Emperor Tamarin (PLN 1.35), Black Stork (PLN 2.40) and African Elephant (PLN 3). There were individual First Day Cancellations for each animal.

The design is similar to the 2005 set, which included a Siberian Tiger.

Unfortunately there's no online shop from Poczta Polska, but information on the set can be found at their website.

Reported by T.S. Tan

August 2007:

Turkmen Cheetah

In August 2007 (exact date not confirmed) Turkmenpochta issued a definitive stamp showing a Cheetah with cubs. The stamp is denominated A (inland letter rate). As has been customary with Turkmen definitives lately the stamp is issued as a self-adhesive on rather thick backing paper and with a very crude perforation.

The Turkmenpochta webiste is at the time of writing only in the template-phase, so if you want to contact them for further information, the address is given below. If your Turkmen is somewhat failing, Russian is probably your best shot. We've so far had little luck with English..........

State Mail Service Company "TURKMENPOCHTA"
16 str. 2023
TM-744000 ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan

Tel.: +993 12 39 89 36; +993 12 39 89 31

Reported by Marci Jarvis

30 July 2007:

Endangered Species Set from Peru

SERPOST - the Peruvian postal operator issues a set of stamps dedicated to endangered species. One of the stamps shows a cat - on the stamp designated as a Pampas Cat, but by some experts believed to rather be an Andean Mountain Cat.

The stamp is one in a set of four, printed in sheets of se-tenant blocks of four forming a composit design that also runs into the sheet margin. The face value of the cat is PEN 3.00.

Further details at Serpost's Internet site. You will find all stamp issues by choosing 'Filatélia' and then 'Calendario de Emisiones'.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

20 July 2007:

Bolivian Zoo Issue

On 20 July 2007 The Bolivian Post issued a set of 2 stamps dedicated to the Santa Cruz Zoo both showung big cats. The 6b value shows a jaguar, and the 9b shows a puma.

Reported by T.S. Tan

6 July 2007:

Canadian Lynx

From Canada Post comes a booklet and a gutter strip showing a Canadian Lynx. The lynx is found in the product margins and not on the stamps themselves.

You can read more about the issue in Canada Post's press release.

The stamp products are available from the Canada Post Web Store.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

Summer 2007:

Tigger on Belgian DuoStamps

Belgium's La Poste/De Post continues its series of "semi-personalised" stamps with cartoon characters. This Summer they have issued a set called Winnie Summer featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends, amongst whom Tigger makes an appearance on 4 of the set's five labels.

The DuoStamps can be ordered online from La Poste / De Post's web-shop.

Reported by T.S. Tan

June/July 2007:

Several new French PAPs

In June the local post in Toulouse issued a PAP (pre-paid envelope) for the festival Toulouse-Sénégal. The envelope is number three in a series of ten envelopes promoting Toulouse festivals this year. The stamp is an ordinary NVI Marianne, but the cachet shows a globe with a symbolic bridge, over which crosses a Senegalese prosession lead by a lion.

The set of ten sells for EUR 8.00, and is available from:

La Poste
Att.: Sandrine Michelson
FR-31706 BLAGNAC CEDEX, France

We have also seen at least three different new PAPs promoting the International Cat Museum in Richelieu issued sometime this spring.

All have the new PAP-tree in the stamp-imprint, and shows various cat paintings in the cachet.

These should be easy to order, as they can be obtained from the museum (who probably would like to up their income).

Musée du Chat
15, Grande Rue
FR-37120 RICHELIEU, France

Tél/Fax : +33 2 47 58 19 23
Email :

There's also a tiger on one of the regional PAPs issued un 1 July 2007 commemmorating the new Eastern Upper Rhine TGV train line. Having only seen the scans on the internet at the time of writing, we're a little bit uncertain where there are tigers in North-Eastern France, but think it might bee in the Mulhouse Zoo.....

The Tiger is one of a set of 5 that can be ordered in La Poste's online store.

Reported by TS Tan, Nahum Shereshevsky and Geir Arveng

20 June 2007:

Cat set from Moldova

On 20 June 2007 Posta Moldovei issues a set of 4 cat stamps showing a European Shorthair (MDL 0.65), a Siamese (MDL 1), a Sacred Birman (MDL 1.50) and a Persian (MDL 6.20).

The Posta Moldovei web pages are sadly far from up-to-date. We have so far only seen this issue at a Lithuanlian dealer's web shop.

Reported by Geir Arveng

15 June 2007:

Ukrainian cats

On 15 June 2007 the Ukranian post gives us a set and MS of 6 cat stamps, each denominated UAH 0.70. The breeds represented are

- American Shorthair
- Sphynx
- Scottish Fold
- Snowshoe
- Russian Blue
- Somali

See the Marka Ukrayni web pages for further details and the possibility of online ordering.

Reported by Geir Arveng

9-10 June 2007:

French Lion Postmark

The 4th Fair of Images and Writing took place in the French city of Montmorrillon on 9 and 10 June 2007. The local post office offerred a commemorative postmark for the event showing a lion. Unfortunately this came to our knowledge long after the deadline for ordering.

21 May 2007:

Pre-Colombian Peruvian Cat

Serpost of Peru issued a set of 2 stamps dedicated to pre-Colombian cultures on 21 May 2007. Both are denominated PEN 6.00. One of the stamps shows a cat figurine, probably a Jaguar, since the domestic cat probably hadn't been introduced to the Americas at the time.

Further details at Serpost's Internet site. You will find all stamp issues by choosing 'Filatélia' and then 'Calendario de Emisiones'.

Reported by Patrick Roberts

15 May 2007:

Looney Tunes Down Under

Australia Post continues its series of Souvenir Stamp Sheets, or custom made sheets of personalised stamps. On 15 May 2007 we'll see a sheet dedicated to characters from Warner Bros' Looney Tunes cartoons. It consists of ten 50c stamps with 'personalised' labels. Both the sheet selvedge and one of the labels will include Sylvester.

The sheet is available from Australia Post's online store.

Reported by Geir Arveng

12 May 2007:

New US Florida Panther Definitive

On 12 May 2007 the USPS will issue a definitive stamp to match the new inland postcard rate of 26c. The stamp features a Florida Panther (Puma Concolor Coryi), designed by well known illustrator Nancy Stahl.

There are five varieties of this stamp. A normally gummed stamp sold in panes, and four self-adhesive stamps from small panes, coils and booklets respectively. The self-adhesive pane stamp is perforated on all sides 11 1/4 : 10 3/4, the coil stamp is perforated 11 1/4 vertically only, and the booklet stamps comes with alternate left- and right-side imperforated sides.

The stamps and FDCs are available in the USPS online store (unfortunately not in singles), and the press release may be found here.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

28 April 2007:

Overseas Endangered Species Set from France

France issues a stamp series and a miniature sheet entitled Overseas Protected Species (i.e. species from the Overseas French Departments). The stamps are

€0.86 Barau's Petrel (Réunion)
€0.54 Caribbean Iguana (Guadelopupe, Martinique)
€0.54 Racoon (Guadeloupe)
€0.60 Jaguar (French Guyana)

There's no official FDCs being issued in French Guyana, but the Paris first day postmark will feature a Jaguar.

FDCs were serviced at all the French Overseas Departments:

Guadelooupe Martinique French Guyana Réunion

At time of writing there's nothing on the French POs website yet, but the set will undoubtly be available at La Poste's Webshop.

UPDATED INFORMATION: La Poste also issued prepaid envelopes - Prêt-à-Posters - with the Jaguar stamp imprint at the same issue date. The PAPs were without any additional illustrations and were issued in both C6 and E6/5 formats without windows. There are also rumours of an illustrated. locally issued PAP sold in French Guyana.

Reported by Geir Arveng

17 April 2007:

Bangladesh: Cricket World Cup Stamp with Tiger

To commemmorate the ICC Cricket World Cup to be held in the West Indies, the Bangladesh PO issued a set of stamps on 17 April 2007. One of the stamps show a tiger.

Reported by TS Tan

12 April 2007:

Another postcat from Germany

On 12 April Germany issues a set of stamps called "POST - Picture Story (i)". The name indicates that we might have more stamps in this series later on. The stams show a boy writing a letter, and on the next stamp posting it - on both stamps accompanied by his cat.

The stamps are available from the German Post website.


One of the stamps from this set has also featured as an imprint on a pre stamped envelope (presumably) issued 28 April 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the DGEG (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Eisenbahngeschichte - The German Railway History Society) and the 30th anniversary of the Railway Museum in Bochum.

To our knowledge this envelope has not been for sale at the German Post site. It is probably available from a number of German sources, but I found mine at Briefmarken Haller in Drachselried, who has an excellent website with a valuable news section for the German readers amongst us.

Reported by Geir Arveng

11 - 12 April 2007

France: Cartoon Cat on Commemmorative Postmark

The 13th Comic Book Festival in the French town of Hauteluce was celebrated with a commemmorative postmark used during the festival on 11 and 12 April 2007.

Unfortunately this came to our attention too late to place orders. Orders for the postmark was handled by the mail centre in Beaufort-sur-Doron.

Reported by Geir Arveng

10 April 2007

Lynx MS Voted Best Ukrainian Postage Stamp 2006

The Ukranian MS for "Shatsk National Natural Park” issued 14 July 2006 has been voted Best Ukrainian Postage Stamp for 2006. Very little information about the vote at Ukrposhta's English web site, but if you understand Ukrainian, maybe there's more there.

Reported by Geir Arveng

3 April 2007

Russia: PSE with Kittens

Russia Posts issued a pre-stamped envelope on th 3 April 2007. The enselope is denominated 'A' (inland letter rate). It measures 110 x 220 mm and is issued in a print-run of 5 million copies. Curiously, we have so far (November) not seen it for sale in any of the big auction sites.

See the Russian Post's online catalogue for further details.

28 March 2007

Antique Danish Lion Jug

On 28 March the Danish Post issued a series of stamps celebrating the bi-centenary of the Danish National Museum. The DKK 6.00 value shows a jug in the form of a lion. The stamp is available at the Danish PO's webshop. They are fast and reliable and accept credit cards. And they sell single values from sets separately!!!!

Reported by Geir Arveng

27 March 2007

Humane Society of the U.S. Cat Stamps

The Zazzle Company offers hundreds of private personal cat stamps, but a selection of 20 are from the Humane Society of the U.S. All are valid U.S. postage.
Ron Burns is the artist and his print of the appealing kitten, 'Griffin' sells for $600.
One sheet of 20 stamps (@ $0.39) is $17.95, a tad pricey, but the Humane Society does receive a portion of the proceeds.
Visit the homepage for further information.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

20 March 2007:

Australian Football and Rugby Booklets

Australia Post continues its issues of special occasion booklets for the AFL and NRL series with new booklets for the 2007 season. Four of the teams have cat names and logos: Brisbane Lions and Richmond Tigers (football) and Penrith Panthers ans Wests Tigers (rugby). The 10 stamps in the football booklets contains images of players, while we're being told that the rugby booklets have stamps with club logos (like before), but with the same "all-in-one" stamp approach like for Richmond Tigers last year. The Australia Post homepage is somewhat vague, but an Aussie contact claims that the Rugby League wanted logos rather than individual players.

See Australia Post's online store for further details.

Reported by Geir Arveng

13 January 2007

Thai Children's Day Stamp Features a Cat Drawing

The Thai Post Office issued a series of stamps for the National Children's Day 2007 on 13 January 2007. The set shows 4 different children's drawings, all denominated THB 3 and is sold in sheetlets of 16 stamps composed of four sets printed se-tenantly. One of the stamps shows a cat drawn by Krongkwan Kitpipit. The drawing was part of the 35th International Children's Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in 2006.

See the Thai Stamp Bulletin for further information on this and other 2007 Thai stamp issues.

Reported by TS Tan

February 2007

First ever Lunar New Year stamps from Indonesia

For the first time the Indonesian Post Office has issued a series of stamps to commemmorate Lunar (or Chinese) New Year. That this should happen for the first time in the Year of the Pig has caused some controversy in the predominately Muslim country.

In addition to the IDR 6000 octagonal miniature sheet shown above, there are also two IDR 1500 stamps and a sheetlet with a central IDR 6000 stamp showing all 12 animals (of similar design, but a little bit larger than the stamp from the MS) surrounded by 12 IDR 2000 stamps each showing an animal of the lunar zodiac.

Reported by TS Tan

January/February 2007

Year of the Pig: MS from Bhutan

Bhutan Post is one of the many ostal administrations around the World celebrating the Lunar New Year with an item showing all 12 animals of the Lunar Zodiac. Their BTN 25 Miniature Sheet issued for the Year of the Pig - or bringing in all elements: 'Year of the Female Fire Hog' thus includes a tiger.

We have not been able to find an exact issue date for this issue, but it is listed for 2007 at Bhutan Post's website. If you should know the date of issue, please let us know.

Reported by Geir Arveng

Christmas 2006

African 'Jungle Bells'

This year's Christmas stamps from South Africa features a lion in the role of Santa Claus. A set of 5 stamps denominated 'Standard Postage' shows a composite design of Santa Lion's sledge drawn by four African mammals. A single stamp denominated 'International Airmail Letter' shows a portrait of Santa Lion. The stamps were issued 2 October 2006.

Read more at the SA Post Office's web-site.

Reported by TS Tan

22 December 2006

Greek Cat Toys

On 22 December 2006 the Greek Post issued a set of 8 stamps featuring old toys. The 40 Eurocents stamp features a plush cat (a better scan of this would be welcome) and the 52 Eurocents stamp features a tin plate cat figurine. We have unfortunately not been able to register and browse the Greek Post Office homepage and thus have no further order information.

Reported by Geir Arveng and TS Tan

19 December 2006

New U.S. Tiger Postmark

The December 7th issue of the USPS Bulletin has a postmark with a tiger's head for Sterling High's Lady Tiger team. It is free and available Dec. 19-Jan. 18, 2007, but you need to send a SASE with your request.

State Championship Station
P.O. Box 9998
Sterling, OK  73567-9998

Reported by Marci Jarvis

18 December 2006

More Pet-stamps from Taiwan

Taiwan continues its series of pets with another two cats and two dogs to be issued 18 December.

The ctas this time are
* A TWD 17.00 American Shorthair and
* A TWD 34.00 Maine Coon

If tey follow the pattern from prior installments of the Pet-series, there will be official FDCs and a set of postcards (not pre franked). Note that they call them Maxicards, but they are really just plain postcards.

Chungwa Post (TW Post Office) has a fast and reliable online store that accepts VISA and MasterCard.

Items are generally not listed in the store prior to issue.

You can read more at the Chungwa Post main internet site

Reported by TS Tan and Geir Arveng

8 December 2006

Siberian Tiger on UNESCO Service Stamp

On 8 December the French Post Office will issue a 60 Eurocent service stamp for UNESCO showing a Siberian Tiger.

The stamp can be ordered from the French Philatelic Service, but is not available in the web-shop. For mail orders, contact:

28 rue de la Redoute
Phone: +33 5 53 03 19 24
Fax: +33 5 53 03 19 85


This stamp has also been found in a version with brown stripes (rather than black) and also without phosphor stripes on the sides (reported in Timbres Magazine, February 2008).

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

24 November 2006

Cat on Japanese Winter Greetings Stamp

Japan issues two sheets of self-adhesive Winter Greetings Stamps on 24 November. One of the stamps on the international postage sheet (80 y) shows a cat in a Santa costume.

Reported by TS Tan

21 November 2006

Pro Juventute booklet from Switzerland

The Pro Juventute ("For Youth") stamps from Switzerland is one of Europe's longest running series of charity stamps.

This year's set contains no cats on the stamps themselves, but the CHF 17.00 booklet containing
6 x 0.85+0.40 and 6 x 1.00+0.50 stamps has a cat on the cover.

The booklet is for sale in the Swiss Post's webshop.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky

17 November 2006

Namibian city celebrates 100 years with Cheetah stamp

The city of Otjiwarongo celebrates its centenary this year, and Nampost marks the occasion with a stamp showing a cheetah.

This issue is for sale in Nampost's web-store.

Reported by TS Tan

16-20 November 2006

Belgica'06 cats

Belgica '06 is approaching, and one of the two MSs to be issued 16 November will include the same cat as the stamp from the earlier MS. The stamp has a face value of EUR 1.95, and the sheets sells for EUR 5.00. The sheet is inscribed "World Championship in Youth Philately" in French and Dutch. There's very little information at the Belgian post office homepage yet, but you can find more detailed information in the Belgian Post's PhilaNews Newsletter no. 5 (unfortunately only in French and Dutch yet).

There will also be a special edition of the Belgian personalized stamps sheets with the cat in the upper margin. This sheet sells for EUR 8.00 and can only be ordered during the Belgica show dates.

The Belgica cat is also shown on the cover of Belgium's Annual Pack for 2006 to be released 20 November. This time represented on a picture of the Belgica MS issued in October 2004.

Reported by Geir Arveng

8 November 2006

New Caledonia Wooden Puppets

On 8 November New Caledonia issued a stamp to celebrate NC puppeteers Macelle and Jean Bernard and their characters. The stamp has a black cat in the middle of the group of animal characters.

The stamp is sold in sheetlets and the cat puppet can also be found on marginal tabs.

The stamp is not yet presented on the NC Post Office homepage, but can be ordered from or by mail:

Agence Phiatélique de Nouvelle-Calédonie
FR-98841 NOUMÉA CEDEX, New Caledonia

or fax +687 28 21 85.

The stamp is denominated XPF 280 and the FDC is priced at XFP 400.

Reported by Nahum Shereshevsky and Geir Arveng

27 October 2006

Cat to adorn this year's annual pack from Finland

On 27 October the Finnosh PO releases the annual pack of all Finnish stamps and booklets issued in 2006. Finland issued a nice cat booklet earlier this year, which is reflected by a beautiful photo of a Sacred Birman on the annual pack cover.

The annual pack is for sale in the Finnish PO's webshop.

Reported by Geir Arveng

20 October 2006

Tigers on Guinea Bissau Art Set MS

We have noticed this MS in a 2006 set from Guinea Bissau called Spanish Painters. We have only seen it on a dealer's list and have no further information on the date of issue or the motive itself.

The MS is part of a set issued 15 June 2005 called European and American Painters. The stamp shows a painting by Picasso and has a face value of 3000 Francs CFA.

If you have any further information on this set, please let us know.

Reported by Geir Arveng

17 October 2006

Kitten postmark on GB Smilers Retail Booklet FDC

Royal Mail will issue a Greetings Booklet and Smilers sheet on 17 October. No cats on the stamps, but the first day postmark from Kittywell, Braunton will feature a kitten.

There may be several ordering sources for this postmark - one that we know of is Norvik Philatelics.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

4 October 2006

Sumatra Tiger and Asian Lion on new Dutch stamps

On 4 October TNT Post (new name for the Dutch PO) issued a sheetlet with 12 39c stamps showing 12 endangered species, among them the Sumatra Tiger and the Asian Lion.

There is also a prestige booklet with the tiger on the cover at EUR 9.95. Unfortunately the TPG Post site is in Dutch only. You will find these issues in the TNT Post online shop.

If you only want the FDC with the cats on, the two lower rows should be on FDCII (they have made 2 FDCs with six stamps on each).

Reported by Geir Arveng

4 October 2006

Florida Panther issued in the US

The Sothern Florida Wetlands sheet was issued by the USPS on 4 October. The Florida Panther (Felis concolor coryi - a sub species of the North American puma) can be found in the third stamp in the top row. You can find more information on this issue at the USPS homepage.

Reported by Marci Jarvis

23 September 2006

New Latvian Lynx

On 23 September 2006 Latvia issued a set of "Animals of Latvia", with 2 stamps - deer and lynx - they looked beautiful. The cover for the lynx has a paw mark in the cachet, and the sheet of 10 stamps has very interesting cat motifs on the selvage.

See Latvijas Pasts information pages:

Click on the images of the pages to get a pop up with a clearer image.

The Stamps and the sheetlet can be ordered online inn Latvijas Pasts secure webshop. The FDC is not available for online ordering, but can be ordered while stock lasts from

Philatelic Department
Latvijas Pasts
Elizabetes iela 31-9
RIGA, LV-1010

Fax: +371 7018729

Reported by TS Tan

28 August 2006

Garfield on new set of Belgian DuoStamps