The following abbreviations are used for standard NVI-denominations and/or service indicators, eventually followed by the maximum weight in grams - e.g- "LP100" means "Lèttre prioritaire" up to 100g"

D1 Destineo, step 1 (rate for mass mailing - minimum 100 regional or 400 national items)
Denoted with a star:
D2 Destineo, step 2 (rate for mass mailing - minimum 800 regional or 2000 national items)
Denoted with a triangle:
E Europe (priority letter to EU-countries, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein)
ECO Écopli (economy / 3rd class inland) - No weight-denomination = 20g
L Lèttre (France) - Inland letter - No weight-denomination = 20g
LP Lèttre prioritaire (priority letter / 1st class inland) - No weight-denomination = 20g
LPE Lèttre prioritaire Europe (priority letter / 1st class Europe) - No weight-denomination = 20g
LPI Lèttre prioritaire internationale (priority letter / 1st class international) - No weight-denomination = 20g
LS Lèttre suivi (tracked letter) - No weight-denomination = 20g
LV Lèttre verte (green letter / 2nd class inland) - No weight-denomination = 20g
NVI no identifiable denomination (most often red Mariannes) - inland letter up to 20g
R1 AR Reccommandée - Avis de récéption (Registered - Notice of Receipt)
T Reply mail (before PAP)
M Monde (World / International letter) - No weight-denomination = 20g
Inland rates also applies to Monaco and Andorra.
EU rates also applies to San Marino, The Vatican, The Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.