Stamps inscribed '[K.K. Oesterr. Post im] Fürstentum Liechtenstein'.

1912 ->

From 1912: 1 (Austrian) Krone = 100 Heller
From 1921: 1 (Swiss) Franc (CHF) = 100 Rappen
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1963 Ballads (III) LI19631205 ST 0_25 Stamp 0.25 Black Panther
Wild Cat Art
Miniature from Manesse Codex, 14th c.
Valid until 31 Oct 1966
MI 433
1975 Treasures from the Imperial Treasury, Hofburg Palace, Vienna LI19750904 ST 1_30 Stamp 1.30 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Coronation Robe with Embroidered Lions
MI 634
1975 Christmas LI19751204 ST 0_30 Stamp 0.30 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Daniel in the Lion's Den
Detail from a capital in Chur Cathedral
MI 639
1976 Bishop Ortlieb of Brandis LI19761209 ST 1_10 Stamp 1.10 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Lion Sculptures
Detail from sarcophagus in Chur Cathedral
MI 666
1977 The Zodiac (II) LI19770310 ST 0_70 Stamp 0.70 Lion
Zodiac Leo
MI 670
1996 Christmas - Symbols of the Evangelists

This set also includes Mythic Cats

LI19961202 ST 1_10
Stamp 0.90 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Detail of illuminated manuscript Liber Viventium Fabariensis from Pfafers Abbey, 820
MI 1143
2009 Treasures of the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna LI20090907 FDP 9490 First Day Postmark - Lion
9490 VADUZ
7 September 2009
2015 Cathedral of St. Florin LI20150601 ST 2_00 Stamp 2.00 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Stained glass window in the Cathedral of St Florin in Vaduz
MI 1754

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