Before 1947, stamps were marked with the Imperial Chrysantemum Seal:
From 1947 stamps inscribed 'Nippon' and/or '日本郵便'.

1871 ->

From 1871: 1 Yen (JPY) = 100 Sen = 1000 Rin
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Item Code Item type Face value Remarks SC
25-26 September 2010 - 140th Anniversary of the Postcard
JP20100925_26 PMK 1708799 Commemorative Postmark - Heraldic Lions
CoA of Bavaria (on Bavarian stamp)
Toshima Branch PO, Tokyo
25 - 26 Sept 2010
Japanese dates:
22.9.25 - 22.9.26 *
16-17 April 2011 - British Philatelic Exhibition
JP20110416_17 PMK 1708799 Commemorative Postmark - Heraldic Lions
British Royal CoA
"British Philatelic Exhibition" and same text in Japanese
Toshima Branch PO, Tokyo
16 - 17 Apr 2011
Japanese dates:
23.4.16 - 23.4.17 *

Compiled by Geir Arveng
Latest update: 23 May, 2019

* A note on Japanese dates:
Japan follows the Gregorian callendar regarding days and months, years are, however, counted within the reign
of the current emperor. Domestic Japanese postmarks will thus not use Western years. International mail is mostly
postmarked with an international postmark showing a Western year and the city and country in Latin script - alone
or in addition to the domestic postmark. For catstamp collectors, the post-war reigns are of significance.
Emperor Hirohitho's reign, referred to as 'Shōwa' ("Brilliant Harmony") started in 1926 (year 1), and lasted until 7 January
1989 (year 64).
The reign of Emperor Akhito is referred to as 'Heisei' ("Achieving Peace") and started 8 January 1989 (year 1), and lasted
until 30 April 2019 (year 31).
The current reign of Emperor Naruhito is referred to as 'Reiwa' ("Beautiful Harmony") and started 1 May 2019.
2019 is thus year 31 until 30 April, and year 1 from 1 May.