British Crown Colony 1862-1997
Special administrative region of China 1997 ->

Stamps inscribed 'Hong Kong' or 'Hong Kong, China'

From 1862: 1 Dollar (HKD) = 100 Cents
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Issue Item code Item type
Face value
Remarks SC
1994 Conference of Commonwealth Postal Administrations HK19940816 MS 10_00 Miniature Sheet
Maine Coon (on selvedge)
Catstamp on Stamp
JE19940405 ST 0_18
This item also shows the Hong Kong Colonial CoA and is also listed under Heraldic Cats
MI B32

List Compiled by Geir Arveng with valuable information from Nahum Shereshevsky, TS Tan and Robin McFarland.

Latest update: 19 June 2013