As the inventor of postage stamps GB is allowed by the UPU to issue stamps without country name. The Sovereign's image is, however, allways included.

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From 1840: 1 Pound = 20 Shillings, 1 Shilling = 12 Pence
From 1970: 1 Pound (GBP) = 100 Pence
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Item Code Item type Face value Remarks SC
21 March 2006 - Ice Age Animals

GB20060321 ST 1st 1 Stamp 1st
(0.30 on issue)
Sabre-toothed Cat
MI 2391

FDC inlay
GB20060321 FDC 1st__2_89 First day cover 1st
(1st (0.30 on issue)
+ 0.42
+ 0.47
+ 0.68
+ 1.12)
Sabre-toothed Cat (on one stamp, postmark, and in cachet)
Official FDC with
GB20060321 ST 1st 1
and the other 4 stamps in set
GB20060321 FDP MK3 First day postmark - Sabre-toothed Cat
Bletchley Park Post Office, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
21 March 2006
GB20060321 FDP NR33 First day postmark - Sabre-toothed Cat
"Ice Age Animals"
Pakefield, Lowestoft
21 March 2006
GB20060321 MISC PHQ 1 Un-franked postcard / PHQ Card - Sabre-toothed Cat
PHQ-card showing
GB20060321 ST 1st 1

Compiled by Geir Arveng with additional information from Ron Berger and the CollectGBStamps website.
Latest update: 20 February, 2019


* A note on British First day postmarks:
Along with the Bureau and other official FDPs, there are ofen a number of comemmorative postmarks associated with a stamp issue. In addition to cancelling FDCs these additional postmarks can also be used to cancel mail franked with other stamps than those from the the issue the postmark is commemorating. Due to the obvious connection to the stamp issue we have decided to list them as FDPs rather than Commemorative postmarks.

* The following abbreviations are used for standard NVI-'denominations', eventually followed by the maximum weight in grams - e.g- "E100" means "European letter up to 100g"
2nd 2nd class normal letter (up to 100g from [date])
1st 1st class normal letter (up to 100g from [date])
1stSF 1st class normal letter Recorded/Signed For (up to 100g from [date])
2ndL 2nd class large letter (up to 100g from [date])
1stL 1st class large letter Recorded/Signed For (up to 100g from [date])
1stLSF 1st class large letter (up to 100g from [date])
PC Worldwide postard
E Europe
W Worldwide / International standard
WP Worldwide postcard
SD Special delivery



A note on Post & Go Franking Labels:
Post & Go franking labels are sold from self-service machines in post offices and at philatelic exhibitions and manifestations - the latter often with commemorative imprints. They are sold in six or eight standard denominations for letter post:
2nd Class up to 100g
1st Class up to 100g
2nd Class Large up to 100g
1st Class Large up to 100g
Europe 20g / World 10g
Worldwide up to 20g
Europe up to 100g (until Februray 2016) or 60g (from February 2016)
Worldwide up to 100g (until Februray 2016) or 60g (from February 2016)

You can also get other monetary values for a variety of services including special delivery and parcels. We will only list individual denominations in commemorative sets that we know are limited to the six or eight letter denominations.