The stonemason

The stonemason

A stonemason is an artisan who hews stones used to build or restore buildings.
But they are not just artisans. Their design skills allow them to develop and refine their perception of forms and shapes. Skilful with their hands, a stonemason’s motions are precise and sure. Before beginning work on a historic monument, they study different architectural styles and acquire basic knowledge of the history of art. Another indispensable quality: meticulousness. A tool slipping or an exaggerated groove can lead to a work in the making being irreparably damaged.







Jacques Doppée: painter, designer, watercolourist, engraver.

Educated in Belgium at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles and at the Ecole des Arts d’Ixelles, he specialised in medieval techniques. Jacques Doppée is inspired by nature and has a fondness for landscapes and beach views. He also creates stylised and floral subjects or insects represented graphically and in great detail. As an author of postage stamps, he has already designed numerous stamps for the Belgian and Luxembourg post services and even for the Faroe Islands.

Price of the series: 3,75 + 0,50 = 4,25 €
Drawings: Jacques Doppée (B)
Printing: Offset lithography by CARTOR SECURITY PRINT SA, La Loupe (F)
Size: 40 x 31.5 mm, 10 stamps per sheet with decorated borders.


20,00 €