Number-denominated stamps

From 2007 (inlamd postage) and 2009 (international postage) Belgian stamps have been denominated with
numbers and symbols indicating their franking value.

Stamps for inland postage are marked with numbers in a circle

Postage can be composed of several stamps of various denominations. Postage step 3 can e.g. be composed of a single 3-stamp, a 2-stamp + a 1-stamp or 3 1-stamps.

Stamps for European Postage are marked with numbers within a circle of the twelve European stars Stamps for World postage are marked with numbers in a globe

Belgian number-denominated stamps are sold at a discounted price when sold in quantites of at least 10
1-denominated stamps or 5 stamps of other denominations. Denominations on issue is thus marked with two
prices, e.g. EUR 0.61 / 0.71 with the lower price being the discounted price and the higher the price of a single stamp.