Stamps inscribed '[Postes de] Yémen' and '', '[Postes du] Royaume du Yémen' and '[find script]', '[Post] Yemen' and '[find script]' or 'Moutawakilite Kingdom of Yemen' or 'Royaume Almoutawakkalityah du Yémen' and ''

Note: Michel lists the Kingdom 1926-62 and the Arab Republic (1962-1990) as one country, and the civil war royalist issues as a separate country
The webmaster considers it more logical to consider the royalists to be successors to the Kingdom and the Arab Republic to be a new country

1926 - 1962 Stamps issued for the entire territory of N. Yemen
1962 - 1970 Civil War Issues for Royalist Held Areas
1970 - 1990 See Yemen Arab Republic
1990 -> See Yemen

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