Stamps inscribed 'Grenadines of St. Vincent'

<- 1973 See St. Vincent
- 1994 Separate issues for the Grenadines
1994 -> see separate list for Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Union Island and
Young Island

All Grenadines stamps are valid in St. Vincent and vice-versa

From 1973: 1 (East Carribbean) Dollar (XCD) = 100 Cents
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1982 21st Birthday of Princess Diana VCG19820721 ST 0_60 Stamp 0.60 Heraldic Lion
Six Lions Passant Guardant
CoA of Anne Neville
MI 245
1983 Leaders of the World - Kings & Queens VCG19831025 ST 0_60 1 Stamp 0.60 Heraldic Lion
Six Lions Passant Guardant
Variant of Royal CoA 1509-47
MI 268
  VCG19831025 ST 0_60 3 Stamp 0.60 Heraldic Lion
Crowned Lion Statant Guardant
Crowned Lion Rampant Guardant Supporter
Twelve Lions Passant Guardant
Lion Rampant
Royal CoA 1603-25
MI 270
1983 Old Coinage VCG19831201 ST 0_45 Stamp 0.45 Heraldic Lion
Two Crowned Lions Rampant
Spanish CoA
MI 281
1991 50th Death Anniversary of Lord Robert Baden-Powell and Daniel Carter Beard VCG19831118 ST 2_00 1 Stamp 2.00 Heraldic Lion
Crowned Lion Rampant
from Czechoslovak CoA
Catstamps on Stamps
Czechoslovaian Scout post stamp shown
MI 816
1991 Jubilees and Events (700th Anniversary of the Swiss Confederation) VCG19911118 ST 5_00 6 Stamp 5.00 Heraldic Lion
Two Lions Passant
Thurgau CoA
Stamp from
VCG19911118 MS 5_00 6
MI 849
  VCG19911118 MS 5_00 6 Miniature sheet 5.00 Heraldic Lion
Two Lions Passant
Thurgau CoA
Single-stamp MS with
VCG19911118 ST 5_00 6
MI B89

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