Stamps inscribed 'E.S. de Panama', 'R. de Panama', 'Republica de Panama' or 'Panama'

1878 ->

From 1878: 1 (Colombian) Peso = 100 Centavos
From 1904: 1 Balboa (PAB) = 100 Centésimos = 1 USD (US currency is used
alongside the Balboa)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks
1967 Domestic Animals PA19670203 ST 0_30 Stamp 0.30 Unspecified Breed
PA19670203 IMP 0_30 Imperforate stamp 0.30 Unspecified Breed
Imperforate stamp from MS
Same design as
PA19670203 ST 0_30
but somewhat larger and in different colours
PA19670203 MS 0_40 Miniature Sheet 0.40 Unspecified Breed
Imperforate MS with
PA19670203 IMP 0_30
and one other stamp

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