Stamps inscribed 'Norfolk Island'.

<- 1947 Australian stamps used
1947 -> Postal Independence

From 1947: 1 Australian Pound = 20 Shillings, 1 Shilling = 12 Pence
From 1967: 1 Dollar (AUD) = 100 Cents (= 10 Shillings)
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Issue Item code Item type
Face value
Remarks SC
1967 50th Anniversary of Lions International NF19670607 ST 0_04 Stamp 0.04 Lions Club Emblem
MI 93
1980 Lions District 201N5 Convention NF19800125 ST 0_50 Stamp 0.50 Lions Club Emblem
MI 237
1987 Lions District 201N5 Convention NF19870123 PSE 0_36
PSE Back
Pre-stamped Envelope 0.36 Lions Club Emblem (on stamp indicium) M
1998 Year of the Tiger NF19980212 ST 0_45 Stamp 0.45 Tiger
Year of the Tiger
Wild Cat Art
Tiger Mask
Stamp from
NF19980212 MS 0_45
MI 648
  NF19980212 MS 0_45 Miniature sheet 0.45 Tiger
Year of the Tiger
Wild Cat Art
Tiger Mask
Single-stamp MS with
NF19980212 ST 0_45
MI B22

1998 Cats

Items from this issue are also listed under Domestic Cats

NF19980226 LB 1 Gutter label - Tiger
Year of the Tiger
Gutter label from sheets of any of the four stamps in set

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