Stamps inscribed 'Mongolia', 'Mongol Post' and/or 'Монгол Шўдан', 'Монгол Шуудан', 'Б.Н.М.А.У. Шуудан', 'Монгол Улсьін Шуудан', 'Монгол Apд Улс', sometimes alongside
or .

1924 ->

From 1924: 1 (Mongolian) Dollar = 100 Cents
From 1926: 1 Tögrög/Tugrik (MNT)= 100 Möngö/Mung
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Issue Item code Item type
Face value
Remarks SC

2012 Mythological Creatures

These items are also listed under Wild Cats

MN20120422 ST 200 Stamp 200 Mythological Lion
MI 3829
  MN20120422 ST 400 Stamp 400 Mythological Tiger
MI 3830

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Latest update: 6 December, 2015