(Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica)

Stamps inscribed 'ТирасполЬ 30-VI-92' (overprint on Soviet stamps), 'Почта' and CoA, 'ПМР', or 'Почта ПМР' with or without 'PMR'.

<- 1990 Part of Soviet Union
1990 -> Unrecognised, de-facto independent republic, officially part of Moldova
Stamps of Transnistria are only valid for inland postage, and in direct postal
exchange with Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh (?), and South-Ossetia. Use on mail to
Russia is also known.

From 1990: 1 Ruble (SUR) = 100 Kopeks
From 1993: 1 'Stamped' Transnistrian Ruble = 100 Kopeks (= 1 SUR)
From 1994: 1 Transnistrian Ruble = 100 Kopeks (= 1,000 'Stamped' Rubles)
From 2000: 1 (New) Transnistrian Ruble = 100 Kopeks (= 1,000,000 old Rubles)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
2005 Prehistoric Animals MDTN20050901 ST K 1 Stamp K Cave Lion
Correctly inscribed "Колкотова балка"
PST 150A
  MDTN20050901 ST K 2 Stamp K Cave Lion
Incorrectly inscribed "Колкотовая балка"
This stamp was withdrawn before issue, and it is believed that only 10-20 stamps were sold in error.
PST 150B
2015 Archaeology of Pridnestrovie (Metallic Gold Overprints on "Prehistoric Animals" Stamps of 2005) MDTN20150328 ST K Stamp K Cave Lion
MDTN20050901 ST K 1
"Археология Приднестровья"
PST 576

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