Stamps inscribed 'Indonesia' or 'Republik Indonesia'

1864 - 1948 See Netherlands Indies and/or Netherlands New Guinea
1948 - > Independent republic

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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks
1999 Domestic Animals ID19991105 ST 500 Stamp 500 R Unspecified Breed
2001 Traditional Children's Games ID20010723 ST 1000 Stamp 1000 R Unspecified Breed
2002 Indonesian Paintings ID20020927 ST 1000 1 Stamp 1000 R Unspecified Breed
Cat Art
'Cats' by Popo Iskandar
2008 Indonesia - Turkey Joint Issue ID20081024 ST 2500 9 Stamp 2500 Turkish Van
Similar stamp also issued by Turkey
Stamp from MS
ID20081024 MS 25000 Miniature Sheet 25000 Turkish Van (on stamp only)
This sheet also contains a Flat Headed Cat
Similar sheet also issued by Turkey
ID20081024 FDC 12500 1
FDC Back
First Day Cover 12500 Turkish Van (on stamp only)
Official FDC with the Left column of stamps from MS
ID20081024 MISC BRO Brochure - Turkish Van (on stamp only)
This set also contains a Flat Headed Cat
Similar set also issued by Turkey

List compiled by Geir Arveng with additional information from TS Tan, Patrick Roberts, Marci Jarvis, Nahum
Shereshevsky, Jeroen van der Linde, and Iskak Nurarif.
Latest update: 21 January 2009