Stamps inscribed 'Hussar Iryston Respublika' and/or 'Республика Южная Осетия' or 'Respublikæ Xussar Iryston' alone or alongside 'Южная Осетия' or 'Республика Южная Осетия', 'Хуссар ИрЫстон' and 'South Ossetia'.

<- 1990 Part of Soviet Union
1991 - 1994 Unrecognised, de-facto independent breakaway republic from Georgia.
Soviet and Russian stamps used in breakaway areas.
1994 - 1999 South Ossetian stamps issued for rebel areas. Inland use and limited use
to several former Soviet republics known
1999 - 2008 Georgian stamps used
2009 ->Partly recognised, de-facto independent breakaway republic from Georgia.
South Ossetian stamps are only valid for inland postage, and in direct postal
exchange with countries recognising their independence.

From 1990: 1 Ruble (SUR) = 100 Kopeks
From 1992: 1 Ruble (RUR) = 100 Kopeks (continuation of Soviet Ruble)
From 1998: 1 Ruble (RUB) = 100 Kopeks (= 1000 RUR)
From 1999: 1 Lari (GEL) = 100 Tetri - partly alongside RUB
From 2008: 1 Ruble (RUB) (local name Som) = 100 Kopeks
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1996 Dogs and Cats GESO19961120 ST 900 1 Stamp 1 Unspecified breed (one Tortie Shorthair and one Red Shorthair kitten)
  GESO19961120 ST 900 2 Stamp 1 Unspecified breed (Red and White Longhair kitten)
  GESO19961120 ST 900 3 Stamp 1 Unspecified breed (One Red Longhair and one Tortie Shorthairkitten)

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