Stamps inscribed '[Ареспублика] Аҧсны́' mostly alongside '[Республика] Абха́зия'.

<- 1990 Part of Soviet Union
1991 - 1993 Unrecognised, de-facto independent breakaway republic from Georgia.
Soviet and Russian stamps used in breakaway areas.
1993 - 2008 Abkhazian stamps issued for rebel areas. Inland use and limited use
to several former Soviet republics known
2008 ->Partly recognised, de-facto independent breakaway republic from Georgia.
Abkhazian stamps are only valid for inland postage, and in direct postal exchange
with countries recognising its independence.

From 1990: 1 Ruble (SUR) = 100 Kopeks
From 1992: 1 Ruble (RUR) = 100 Kopeks (continuation of Soviet Ruble)
From 1998: 1 Ruble (RUB) = 100 Kopeks (= 1000 RUR)
From 2008: 1 Apsar (no subunit) (= 10 RUB) is the official currency. The RUB is still the de-
facto currency, and stamps are still denominated in RUB.
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1994 Prehistoric Mammals of Caucasus GEAB19941129 ST 400 Stamp 400 Eusmilus
FSU 48
1996 Hong Kong '96 Philatelic Exhibition GEAB19960510 ST 900 3 Stamp 900 Eusmilus
FSU 111A
  GEAB19960510 IMP 900 3 Imperforate stamp 900 Eusmilus
FSU 111B

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