Stamps inscribed 'Falkland Islands'.

1878 ->

From 1878: 1 Pound = 20 Shhillings, 1 Shilling = 12 Pence
From 1970: 1 Pound (GBP/FKP) = 100 Pence
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1975 50th Anniversary of the Coat of Arms FK19751028 ST 0_16 Stamp 0.16 Heraldic Lion
Lion Rampant Supporter
Falkland Islands Dependencies CoA
MI 239
1989 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Falklands

This item is also listed under Wild Cats

FK19891208 ST 0_10 Stamp 0.10 Heraldic Lion
Lion Statant
Badge of HMS Invincible (1907)
MI 513
1999 99th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother FK19990818 MS 1_40 Miniature Sheet 1.40 Heraldic Lion (on selvedge)
Lion Rampant
Single-stamp MS
MI B20
2006 150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross FK20061111 ST 1_00 Stamp 1.00 Heraldic Lion
Crowned Lion Statant Guardant
The Victoria Cross
Stamp from
FK20061111 MS 2_20
MI 974
  FK20061111 MS 2_20 Miniature Sheet 2.20
(2 x 0.60
+ 1.00)
Heraldic Lion (on one stamp and selvedge)
Crowned Lion Statant Guardant
The Victoria Cross
3-stamp MS with
FK20061111 ST 1_00
and 2 other stamps
MI B35

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