Stamps inscribed 'Württemberg' or 'K. Württ. Post'. The early coat of arms series were without country name. Postal stationary also inscribed 'Generaldirektion der K. Württ. Posten und Telegraphen', 'Kon. Württ. Postdirection', or 'Volksstaat Würtemberg'.

1851 - 1871 Independent Kingdom
1871 - 1902 Federal State of the German Empire with separate stamps
1902 - 1923 German stamps used by the public, but W. service stamps were still issued
1923 -> See Germany

From 1851: 1 Gulden = 60 Kreuzer
From 1875: 1 Mark = 100 Pfennig (= 35 Kreuzer)
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1901 - Postal Service Envelope
DEWU19010000 PSE 0_10 X1 Pre-stamped service envelope 0.10 Heraldic Lion (in service stamp)
Crowned Lion Rampant Supporter
Three Lions Passant
CoA of the Kingdom of Württemberg
PSE overprinted with service stamp (over stamp indicium), and partially pre-addressed
Earliest use reported:
3 June 1901
MI DU7 (unknown sub.)
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