Stamps inscribed 'Aruba'

1873 - 1949 See Curaçao
1949 - 1985 See Netherlands Antilles
1986 -> Independent issues

From 1986: 1 Aruban Gulden/Florin (AWG) = 100 Cents
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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
1986 Independence AW19860101 ST 0_45 Stamp 0.45 Heraldic Lion
Lion Couchant
Aruba CoA
MI 2
1993 Express Post AW19930129 ST 2_00 Stamp 2.00 Heraldic Lion
Lion Couchant
Aruba CoA
MI 118
2009 Personalised Stamps AW20091218 MS 6xNVI Miniature Sheet/Sheetlet 6 x
(World letter rate))
Heraldic Lion (on selvedge)
Lion Couchant
Aruba CoA
MI B11
2011 Bank Note Exhibition in Maastricht AW20110404 ST 1_67 7 Stamp 1.67 Heraldic Lion
Lion Passant
Göttingen (Germany) CoA
MI 569
2011 Mail Boxes AW20110819 ST 1_50 8 Stamp 1.50 Heraldic Lion
Two Lion Rampant Supporters
Armed and Crowned Lion Rampant
Middle CoA of the Netherlands
MI 608

List compiled by Geir Arveng with helpful information from Elisabeth Hallsjö.
Latest update: 22 July, 2016