Stamps inscribed 'Afghanistan', 'Afghan Post' or 'Postes Afghanes'

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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks
1871-78 Tiger Head Stamps The first 105 stamp issues of Afghanistan all carried a tiger head. A specified listing of these issues will follow later.
1964 Fauna AF19640625 ST 25 Stamp 25P Snow Leopard
1972 Flora and Fauna AF19720619 ST 12 Stamp 12A Eurasian Lynx
1974 Mammals AF19740316 ST 12 Stamp 12A Leopard
1978 Afghan Red Crescent AF19780706 ST 3 Stamp 3A Red Lion Society
1981 1300th Anniversary of Bulgaria AF19811209 ST 20 Stamp 20A Lion Relief from Stara Zagora
1982 Fauna AF19821216 ST 2 Stamp 2A Lion
1984 Animals AF19840505 ST 17 Stamp 17A Snow Leopard
AF19840505 ST 19 Stamp 19A Tiger
1985 WWF AF19851216 ST 2 Stamp 2A Leopard
AF19851216 ST 9 Stamp 9A Leopard
AF19851216 ST 11 Stamp 11A Leopard
AF19851216 ST 15 Stamp 15A Leopard
AF19851216 FDC 2 First Day Cover 2A Leopard
AF19851216 FDC 9 First Day Cover 9A Leopard
AF19851216 FDC 11 First Day Cover 11A Leopard
AF19851216 FDC 15 First Day Cover 15A Leopard
AF19851216 MC 2 Maximum Card 2A Leopard
AF19851216 MC 9 Maximum Card 9A Leopard
AF19851216 MC 11 Maximum Card 11A Leopard
AF19851216 MC 15 Maximum Card 15A Leopard
1989 Domestic Fauna AF19890202 ST 14 Stamp 14A Eurasian Lynx
2003 Domestic Mammals AF20031122 ST 6 Stamp 6A Leopard
AF20031122 ST 40 Stamp 40A Leopard
Stamp from MS
AF20031122 MS 40 Miniature Sheet 40A Leopard