ANDORRA (Spanish Post)

Stamps inscribed 'Andorra' or 'Principat d'Andorra'

1928 -> Separate Issues for Andorra (See also Andorra - French Post)

From 1929: 1 Peseta (ESP) = 100 Centimos
From 2002: 1 Euro = 100 Eurocents (= ESP 166.386)

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Andorra (FR) Wild Cats
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Andorra (FR) Heraldic Cats

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Issue Item code Item type Face value Remarks SC
21 October 2020 - Andorran Diversity: The Chinese Community
ADES20201021 ST 3_80 Stamp 3.80 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Guardian Stone Lion
Stamp from
ADES20201021 MS 3_80
MI ???
ADES20201021 MS 3_80 Miniature sheet 3.80 Lion
Wild Cat Art
Guardian Stone Lion
Single-stamp MS with
ADES20201021 ST 3_80
MI ???

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