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Catstamps on Facebook - our very own Facebook page for feline philately.

Purr'n'Fur - Feline Philately Catstamp-list member Patrick Roberts' collection of articles about domestic cats on stamps.    

Cats on Stamps Study Unit of the American Topical Association. Publishes the excellent querterly newsl etter Cat Mews, edited by catstamp-list member Marci Jarvis.

Wild Cat Art - Catstamp-list member Greg Balagian's catalogue of stamps showing wild cats in art.

Wild Cats on Stamps - Catstamp-list member Greg Balagian's excellent website with his exhibits, articles, checklists and tons of interesting information on wild cats on stamps.

Lions International Stamp Club

Cats on Stamps - Article from Gibbons S tamp M onthly February 2001 (with kind permission from GSM)

Pahang: A Fresh L ook at the 1897 Bisects Part 1 and Part 2 - Articles from Gibbons Stamp Monthly May & June 2006 (with kind permission from GSM)

Jan & Miranda's catstamp collection from the Netherlands

Cats on Stamps - article on the Philatelic Database by Van Tenac

Cat a Logo - Italian (se mi-commercial?) site with lots of nice scans maintaind by Laura Settimo

Il Gatto e i francobolli - another Italian site maintained by Mariagrazia De Ros

My "House Cats" Collect ion - Italian collector Tino Cavagnoli presents his collection - a French site dedicated to cats with stamp pages

Mirette007 - a French blog with a stamp -branch



FIFé - Fédération International Féline - International federation of cat organisations in Europe, Asia and Latin America

CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association - US Based International Registry of Pedigreed Cats

TICA - The International Cat Association - US Based International Registry of Pedigreed Cats

GCCF - The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy - The Primary Governing body of the UK Cat Fancy since 1910  

WCF - World Cat Federation - a German based federation of cat clubs around the world

WCC - World Cat Congress - The meeting place of the World's Major Cat organisations and registries  


Animal Diversity Web's pages on Felidae - Great resource for zoological classification and a well of information and pictures on all 36 wild cat species

The Cat Study Group - a well of information on wild felines and scientific projects related to them