Domestic cats

Latest update of this list: 10 August, 2016


The breed lists on this site have not been prioritized and are sadly incomplete. If you feel like taking on the task of editing these, please get in touch.

Abyssinian (ABY)

African Shorthair -> Sokoke

Alaska Snow Cat (ASN)

American Bobtail Longhair (ABL)

American Bobtail Longhair (ABS)

American Curl Longhair (ACL)

American Curl Shorthair (ACS)

American Shorthair (AMS)

American Wirehair (AMW)

Asian Shorthair (ASS) (Listed under specific breed if identifiable)

Asian Longhair (ASL) (Listed under specific breed if identifiable)

Australian Mist (AUM)

Balinese (BAL)

Bambino (XBM)

Bengal (BEN)

Birman -> Sacred Birman

Bohemian Rex (BRX)

Bombay Longhair (BOL)

Bombay Shorthair (BOL)

British Shorthair (BRI)

British Shorthair (BLH)

Burmese (BUR)

Burmilla (BML)

California Sprangled (CLS)

Ceylon (CEY)

Chartreux (CHA)

Cornish Rex (CRX)

Cymric (CYM)

Devon Rex (DRX)

Don Sphynx (DSP)

Egyptian Mau (MAU)

European Shorthair (EUR)

Exotic shorthair (EXO)

German Rex (GRX)

Himalaya -> Persian (colourpoint)

Japanese Bobtail (JBT)

Javanese -> Oriental Longhair

Khao Manee (KMA)

Korat (KOR)

Kucing Malaysia / Malay (MAL) (registered as 'Asian' in GCCF)

Kuril Bobtail (KBT)

Manx (MAN)

Maine Coon (MCO)

Malay / Kucing Malaysia (MAL) (registered as 'Asian' in GCCF)

Mekong Bobtail (MBT)

Munchkin Longhair (MNL)

Munchkin Shorthair (MNS)

Nebelung (NEB)

Neva Masquerada (NEM)

Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC)

Ocicat (OCI)

Ojos Azules Longhair (OJL) / Shorthair (OJS)

Oriental Colorpoint Longhair (also listed under Balinese and Seychellois Longhair)

Oriental Colorpoint Shorthair (also listed under Siamese and Seychellois Shorthair)

Oriental Longhair (OLH)

Oriental Shorthair (OSH)

Peterbald (PEB)

Persian (PER)

Pixie-Bob Longhair (PBL)

Pixie-Bob Shorthair (PBS)

Ragamuffin (RMF)

Ragdoll (RAG)

Russian Blue (RUS)

Sacred Birman (SBI)

Savannah (SAV)

Scottish Fold Longhair (SFL)

Scottish Fold Shorthair (SFS)

Selkirk Rex Longhair (SRL)

Selkirk Rex Shorthair (SRS)

Seychellois Longhair (SYL)

Seychellois Shorthair (SYS)

Si Rex -> Cornish Rex (Colourpoint)

Siamese (SIA)

Siberian (SIB)

Singapura (SIN)

Snowshoe (SNO)

Sokoke (SOK)

Somali (SOM)

Sphynx (SPH)

Spotted Mist (SPM)

Sterling (STE)

Thai (THA) (registered in GCCF as 'Asian')

Tiffany (TIF)

Tonkanese Shorthair (TOS)

Tonkanese Longhair (TOL)

Toyger (TOY)

Turkish Angora (TUA)

Turkish Van (TUV)

Ukranian Levkoy (UKL)

Ural Rex Longhair (URL)

Ural Rex Shorthait (URS)

Unspecified breed/Household pets (DOM)

Multiple Breeds (MIX)


Cats in Art

Cartoonish or stylised cats

Catshows / Organized Cat Fancy